18-Pound Fat Loss–Very Motivating!

One of our OSBN users sent us her amazing results, but before I get to that, I want to thank all of those who ordered our new Midsection Makeover e-book (not to mention Old School New Body). We’re already getting great feedback, like this…

“[Midsection Makeover] has removed one of my major hesitations of trying to get fit at my age and weight. Knowing that you can make improvements with diet and exercise when surgery is not an option or a choice fills me with hope. I am looking forward to incorporating this with the Old School New Body plan and finally start moving toward a healthier and fit body. Thank you.” –Carla

Great attitude–and plan. Any one of the three 10-minute Midsection Makeover programs are perfect add-ons to the Old School New Body F4X workouts–which are incredibly effective on their own. Listen to Catherine, who torched 18 pounds of ugly fat…

“I have to give your F4X Shape program [in Old School New Body] a big nod. I started it at the beginning of August 2012; 7 months later, I’ve lost 18.2 pounds. This is amazing for me! Like most 50+ year-old females (I’m almost 52) I have been battling the slow weight gain, even though I feel like I eat fairly healthy and have always exercised. It’s your weights program that has done it! While I really don’t enjoy going to the gym and lifting weights, the program doesn’t take long (30 to 45 minutes, 3 times/week), and I see and feel the progress. Thank you for putting it out there. This is what I’ve been looking for.” —Catherine

Notice that she said, “It’s the weights program that has done it.” Lifting with the moderate-weight F4X system can work miracles. Walking is fine, but weights are GREAT. And it’s so important for those of us 40, 50 and beyond so we build strength and health and continue being independent as we age.

Great stuff, Carla and Catherine. Thank you both for taking the time to comment. Very motivating.

And to everyone reading this: You can do it too.

Midsection Makeover is available HERE <==

Old School New Body is available HERE <== 

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