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Top Anti-Aging Snack (can help halt joint pain and build muscle too)

Protein is vital as we age–to help us hold onto muscle as well as nourish and revitalize our cells to slow aging… But many folks don’t want to eat meat or dairy, so vegetable forms of protein are a must–and one of the best is chickpeas (or garbanzo beans)… One cup provides 18 grams of […]

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Start Doing This Now to Detox Your Chow (for health and anti-aging benefits galore)

I recently saw a photo of a grocery store that had a huge greenhouse on its roof. Why? So it could grow and sell its own organic vegetables. Wow. Great idea…. In case you’ve missed the latest news, most of the “fresh” foods we buy are brimming with pesticides and toxins–not to mention the GMO […]

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Live Longer, Stronger, Leaner: Eat This One Food Every Day (proven belly-fat buster)

The latest research has been all over TV, talk radio and the Internet–so I won’t keep you in suspense. It’s a fruit, one that I’ve been singing the praises of for years. I eat one every day. Apples. Here’s what the December 17, 2013 edition of Science News reported: “Prescribing an apple a day to […]

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How to Stop Lower-Back Attacks: Whack Belly Fat and Strengthen Your Abs

We recently received an e-mail from a 60-year-old woman who said she was shocked that after three weeks on the basic Midsection Makeover program, her lower-back pain disappeared.  She’d had it for months and was so thankful–but we could’ve predicted it… Most people don’t realize that a weak front puts a strain on the back. […]

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Shrink Your Waist–The Secret: Use Illusion; Get Rid of Confusion

Most people want a slim, trim waist. They try to shrink it with sit-ups or crunches–but we have better moves, two aren’t even for your abs… That’s because you can get the look of a smaller waist with illusion–but no hocus-pocus necessary. Becky has a wider-than normal waist, but you’d never know it. Why? She […]

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Don’t Look Skinny-Fat (and how to defuse a diabetes smack)

I see her almost every morning as I drive to work. She’s about 55 and jogging to her iPod beat. It takes dedication to get up at 6:45 and hit the pavement. So after many months of that, why does she look “skinny fat”? Skinny fat means she’s thin, but everything is kind of, um, […]

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Take It Easy to Get In Shape and Lose Weight (new study)

A new study just released found that going overboard with exercise as you age slows or even stops progress. How’s that? Inflammation. Too much from exercise over-exertion can eat away muscle, slowing your metabolism to a crawl. And that can cause fat  loss to stall. Here is the researchers’ conclusion: “We show for the first […]

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Tame Your Tummy–Bugs Rejuvenate Joints, Skin and Fat Loss

Probiotics, beneficial bacteria found in yogurt, are known for helping relieve digestive problems. And we speak from first-hand experience… They helped our daughter tremendously–she was “gassing out” her college roommates. So they were constantly reminding her to take her probiotic supplement. (She’s home now, so we’ve stocked up. Lol.) But these beneficial bugs do much […]

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Fix Your Aging Brain–Ah-ha, That’s Where I Put My Keys!

I’ve seen it up-close and personal–a beloved neighbor got it. Alzheimer’s is sad. But severe mental impairment with aging is NOT inevitable… Older folks who eat diets high in sugar show nearly FOUR TIMES more mental inability than those who eat diets with more protein and fat, according to researchers from the Mayo Clinic. So […]

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Your Key Fat-Burning Hormone–How to Boost It

Becky and I were enjoying some pizza on Sunday, and our daughter was a bit shocked. “Aren’t you going to gain fat?” she asked, knowing our normal healthy eating patterns. “Nope, just the opposite. It’s actually helping us get leaner.” Not kidding…   We explained to her about boosting your primary fat-burning hormone with pizza […]

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