How to Stop Lower-Back Attacks: Whack Belly Fat and Strengthen Your Abs

We recently received an e-mail from a 60-year-old woman who said she was shocked that after three weeks on the basic Midsection Makeover program, her lower-back pain disappeared. 

She’d had it for months and was so thankful–but we could’ve predicted it…

Most people don’t realize that a weak front puts a strain on the back. According to Dr. Travis Stork in the August ’13 Prevention, “A sore back often occurs if your abs are weak and your back has to compensate to keep you upright.”


A good place to start is with planks. Get in a pushup position, supporting yourself on your forearms instead of your hands. Hold for as long as you can–20, 30,40 seconds–while keeping your tummy tight.

You can do that one every day if you like–because it’s a static hold, you don’t stress the muscle as much as with full-range movement…

And that move alone has been shown to strengthen and pull in the gut because it works the girdle, or corset, muscle, the transverse abdominis that acts to shrink-wrap your middle. That’s important….

You see, it’s not just a weak midsection that stresses the back. A large paunch does too. The bigger your stomach, the more it bows your torso, causing the spine to curve forward and compressing vertebrae. Yikes.

BUT ab work can only do so much to pull in your gut. To really shrink your waistline, you must eat clean MOST of the time. That’s how you really rev up your lean-machine attack and whack belly fat…

For detailed how-to-eat food facts, including those that burn loads of fat, check out food detective Nick Pineault’s short article: “The Truth About Fat-Burning Foods.” He gives you 3 easy steps to fix your broken diet–while eating MORE of your favorite foods. (You read that right–more.)

Nick is a self-proclaimed “nutrition nerd.” He’s researched over 500 studies to verify his findings, so he knows his stuff. To eat healthier and fire up your fat loss, check out Nick’s article HERE <== 

So get your midsection strong and flat to stop those painful lower-back attacks. 

Train smart, be well, live long.


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