Shrink Your Waist–The Secret: Use Illusion; Get Rid of Confusion

Most people want a slim, trim waist. They try to shrink it with sit-ups or crunches–but we have better moves, two aren’t even for your abs…

That’s because you can get the look of a smaller waist with illusion–but no hocus-pocus necessary.

Becky has a wider-than normal waist, but you’d never know it. Why? She focuses on working her shoulder muscles at the gym…

By shaping up your deltoids a bit, your waistline will suddenly look more fit. Not kidding. The Hollywood trainer who taught us the method behind F4X always told us that shoulder shape was one of his secrets…

He would get his movie-star pupils–men and women alike–to do upright rows and lateral raises with dumbbells so the shoulder muscles got more shapely and–abracadabra–the midsection looks narrower.


That’s one reason we include DB upright rows in the LEAN workout and both exercises in the SHAPE and BUILD programs (lateral raises are pictured above) in Old School New Body

If you’re using the LEAN program, you can add lateral raises for extra shoulder shaping…

Of course, working your core can help too, as discuss and outlined in Midsection Makeover. One of the key exercises to shrinking your waist we discuss in the e-book is the plank…

Planking is getting in a push-up position, supporting yourself on your forearms and toes, and holding for 30 seconds–longer if you can….

Planking trains your transverse abdominis. The TA is a flat muscle that wraps your midsection like a girdle. By working it with planks, it actually pulls your midsection inward like a corset.

Of course, you also want to burn off fat by eating clean–foods that can make you lean.…

For loads of how-to-eat food facts, including those that burn fat, check out food detective Nick Pineault’s article: “The Truth About Fat-Burning Foods.” He gives you 3 easy steps to fix your broken diet–while eating MORE of your favorite foods.

Nick is a self-proclaimed “nutrition nerd.” He’s researched over 500 studies to verify his findings, so he knows his stuff. If you’re interested in eating healthier and dropping ugly fat, check out Nick’s short article HERE <==

So no more confusion. Use illusion and the right exercise to reduce your waist size.

Train smart, be well, live long.


3 Responses to Shrink Your Waist–The Secret: Use Illusion; Get Rid of Confusion

  1. John Noland August 20, 2013 at 9:43 pm #

    Can you be more specific about “eating healthy MOST” of the time. Is that one oops a day, a cheat/celebration day once a week or what?

    I was also wondering how patient I need to be. This is tough to answer over email I realize, but basically, I am 58, in good shape at 5’10” 170# but I have this pot belly and small waist rolls on my side. I am guessing I have at least 5# of excess fat in my gut. My doctor did a crude BMI using the pinch method and I was just under 25%.

    Since I was an high school athlete I have not been able to gain much muscle mass in spite of a lot of weight lifting and conditioning. I am getting leaner using the F4X program, which I started in June at about 177#

    But it seems I am getting thinner everywhere except my stomach.

    • Steve Holman August 28, 2013 at 11:24 pm #

      The stomach is usually the last place for the fat to dissipate from.
      Eating clean most of the time means four to six protein-charged, low-glycemic meals a day.
      Try to do that most days and you will lose weight.
      Yes, one “free-eating” day is good to keep your metabolism stoked, but you can’t go crazy on that day.
      Keep any splurges moderate–but do indulge your cravings to a degree.
      We’re working on a new diet guide to help kick-start fat loss for those with stubborn bulges.
      Stay tuned.

    • Steve Holman October 20, 2013 at 5:16 am #

      You may just need diet adjustments. If you’re working out consistently almost daily, you should be seeing results. Yes, it takes time, but after a month there should be noticeable improvements. You may need some diet customization. Go here:

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