Start Doing This Now to Detox Your Chow (for health and anti-aging benefits galore)

I recently saw a photo of a grocery store that had a huge greenhouse on its roof. Why? So it could grow and sell its own organic vegetables. Wow. Great idea….

In case you’ve missed the latest news, most of the “fresh” foods we buy are brimming with pesticides and toxins–not to mention the GMO varieties that appear to be harmful…

Buying organic is a step in the right direction–but even “organic” foods may be grown in soil that has been “trickled down” with pollutants and toxic run-off. Yikes.

So an even better step is to do what the aforementioned grocery store is doing: Grow your own–and it’s the perfect season: Spring…

 If you have open area of soil in your backyard, or even a flower bed, give organic gardening a try. You can grow things like cruciferous vegetables, like Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, which have been shown to help detox the body.

What if you don’t have the space or the time? It doesn’t take a lot of either. Becky and I recently found an environmental scientist and horticulturist who has a simple solution to limited-time-and-space gardening–Jonathan White. Check out what he has to say here…

=> “Everything You Need to Know to Grow Healthy, Fresh, Organic Food Without All the Problems”


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