The Truth About Bread: Organic vs. Sprouted

Are you curious about “organic” bread? Is it really any healthier than regular whole-wheat bread? Yes, BUT…

 “Organic” simply means that the wheat used was not grown with any pesticides. So while “organic” may be less toxic, there’s still gluten–which has been linked to disease-causing inflammation… 

So what about sprouted bread? Here are some important facts…


TRUTH 1: Most sprouted breads like Ezekiel have no added sugar and are made from organic wheat kernels that are allowed to sprout before baking. That makes sprouted breads easier to digest.

TRUTH 2: Sprouted breads are more diverse–they include grains and legumes: barley, oat, millet and even lentils. So you get a larger array of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

TRUTH 3: A 2-slice serving contains 8 grams of complete protein and 6 grams of fiber–which is why some people don’t like the texture and density (our kids are NOT fans).

TRUTH 4 (IMPORTANT): Sprouted breads DO contain gluten as well. That’s a negative, especially for people with celiac disease like Steve’s mom.

If you don’t like sprouted bread–or gluten in your diet–there are other very healthy, delicious alternatives with higher fiber and even proven ANTI-AGING ingredients…

Nutritionist Kelly Herring, who has a background in nutritional biochemistry, says, “When you choose bread made with ‘intelligent ingredients,’ it can protect–not wreck–your health.” Here’s her article that includes surprising facts and GLUTEN-FREE solutions…

> “The Surprising TRUTH About Bread”–with the best health solutions (article)


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